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Take the agony out of Affiliate Marketing


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One site. All of these affiliate networks.
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One Site to Manage All Your Affiliate Networks

Stop logging into each affiliate network's website!

View all of your links and promotions with Affiliate Linkr, saving you time to do more important things. Better yet, you can also view your earnings across all networks in one place.

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Effortless Analytics

Professional analytics and reporting so you can be smarter about running your business

Easily identify your most profitable links across all networks for reposting or social media campaigns. Affiliate Linkr keeps track of clicks, impressions, sales, earnings, and all related stats so you know exactly what companies, links, and networks are performing the best.

Proven Workflow

Simplify your marketing with a proven workflow
Managing an affiliate marketing business is difficult enough,
you need something to make your life more simple.
Eliminate guesswork when coordinating multiple team members!

Search and find the best links across
all affiliate networks.


Star a link to save it.
Allows you to focus on link discovery
and post it later.


Post your links to your site.
Mark your links as posted so you can
track and followup with analytics.

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All Your Links in One Place

Let's face it. Logging into all the different affiliate network sites to find your links, coupons, promotions is a pain.

With Affiliate Linkr, you have one site to visit to search all of the links that you can post. New links you can post show up at the top of your links feed.

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Link Decoder Competitive Analysis

Stop wasting time trying to find your own versions of other blogger's affiliate links.

With the Link Decoder, just copy and paste the web page URL to decode the page. Affiliate Linkr will automatically search the page for affiliate links and find a match to one of your own links within Affiliate Linkr.

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Link Encryption Protects Your Earnings

Affiliate links you use are automatically encrypted for you, which means no competitors can steal your commissions.

Without using link encryption, your competitors can easily take your affiliate links and swap out your affiliate ID for their own and repost to their own site, stealing your hard-earned commissions. We prevent this practice by using Link Encryption. The encrypted link URLs are all shortened and you can also use a custom subdomain.

Effortless Analytics — Stay One Step Ahead

No Tech Knowledge Needed

Completely web-based, no scripts or plugins to install, just copy and paste the link HTML into your blog.

Secure Access Only

Affiliate Network access is by API key only, not your password. The APIs provide just read-only access.

Link Preview

Both banners and text links are available. You get to preview how the links look before you post them.

Post New Deals First

Get the deal out before your competitors. New links are pulled in from feeds automatically or at your request.

Earnings Associated with a Link

No guesswork or tedious searching within the Affiliate Network's reporting tools to find which link generated a sale.

In-depth Analytics

See your best performing links by clicks, earnings, impressions, CTR, or EPC (earnings per click).

Earnings Tracked Any Source

No matter what the source of your links, whether from Affiliate Linkr or not, your earnings are all tracked so you can see them in one spot.

Statistics Remain at Networks

Affiliate Network statistics are passed through, so you still have a record of clicks, impressions, earnings, outside of Affiliate Linkr.


Our experience in running affiliate marketing sites
resulted in creating Affiliate Linkr to streamline the business.




Stop logging into the affiliate networks every day. You can do things better! Start today!